What We Know:Auto Dialer

Usage of an auto dialer in call centres is commonplace nowadays. However, its proper setting, parameter configuration and alignment with the business goals of the call centre is yet another level which can bring tangible benefits to the scale of dozens of percentage points.

Auto dialer these days is a must for all call centres to optimize their human resources, improve performance and to be able to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of the market. Inclusion of this system into the process gives the management, a space to focus on process efficiency, instead of operations. However, only its proper business setup enables it to fully leverage this basic but powerful tool.

Some of the changes in the dialer set-up are directly connected with other changes in the call centre management – e. g. capacity planning (needed resources to follow the predefined dialing strategy, not to run out of the call list before end of the day, etc.) and shifts management (enough capacities available at prime time, smooth shifts changes at lunch time, etc.). However, the key dialer parameters and dialer strategy related components to be properly set up are as follows:


Auto Dialer Components


  1. ABC can design the call list and optimize its generation (it includes the source data structure and update, time needed for call list extraction, available attributes on call list for further dialer strategy usage, etc.)

  2. ABC can design and set up the customer & phone number prioritization which will be used in the optimum dialing strategy and calls sorting (it includes the phone number scoring, probability-to-buy model usage, etc.)

  3. ABC can design and set up the dialing strategy (it includes dialing at prime time, changing dialing strategy within the day for various segments, buffer management, etc.)

  4. ABC can design and set up the calls sorting strategy (it includes sorting of the calls in predefined logic, standard vs rescheduled calls prioritization, etc.)

  5. ABC can define the most efficient dialer set-up using the current resources (it includes the set-up of all the treatments and features such as re-dial time, ringing time, campaigns set-up, etc.)

  6. ABC can define and set up the real time dialer parameters management (it includes to enable the real-time monitoring and reporting of the performance and agents activities)



Picture: Auto-Dialer Components ABC has hands-on experience with


Proper orchestration of all the Dialer related Components result in significant financial and non-financial benefits:

  • Dialer optimization leads to an improvement in performance (e. g. increase in recovery rate in collections, increase in conversion rate in X-sell, etc.)

  • Dialer optimization leads to an improvement in efficiency (improvement of the results using the same or even less resources – e. g. increase in recovery/sales with less attempts and connects needed, increase in number of RPC contacts with less attempts needed, etc.)

  • Dialer optimization leads to a decrease in costs. The optimized dialing strategy and dialer set-up minimizes the agents idle time, increases the efficiency of the working time and therefore, less agents and attempts on client are needed

  • Dialer optimization leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction (lower abandoned rate, reduced average waiting time, better segmentation of customers to ensure better servicing, etc.)


ABC standard project outcomes:


ABC supports the entire process of setting up an Auto Dialer system, starting from the dialer tool implementation, the business process design, piloting and evaluation and at the end, the new strategies implementation. Such approach ensures that the auto Dialer is set to its highest potential. We have a highly operational approach, with focus on the hands-on delivery and proper hand-over to the local team.


Business Process Design:

  • Health Check of existing Auto Dialer solution to identify specific improvement areas in the dialer setup

  • Optimization of Auto Dialer technical and business logic - overdial rate prediction, prime time optimization, treatments optimization, capacity management, KPI alignment, design of dialer related business processes and training of the staff.

  • Piloting and Evaluations: Design pilots, run pilots to evaluate financial impact of the improvements.



  • Vendor Selection – Market research and selection process oversight for technology suppliers for Auto Dialers.

  • Implementation Management – Implementation of Auto Dialer system in cooperation with Client’s IT team, sales team and selected vendor partner.

  • Technical Management/Troubleshooting – Tested for technical aspects and target business processes post implementation of the solution.


The most appreciated benefits are quantified improvement of typical target metrics such as Average Waiting Time, Abandon Rate, Talk time, Connect rate, Conversion rate as well as improvements in intangible metrices such as customer satisfaction and loyalty. This brings quantifiable improvements in terms of revenue and reduction in operational expenditure.



For more on our Auto Dialer related competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Jiri Matousek,

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