What We Know:Anti-fraud and Client Verification

Application Fraud management is a set of policies, processes and reports focusing on deterring potential fraudsters, preventing fraud attempts, detecting fraudulent acts and investigating them. Application of anti-fraud strategies must be consistent with other company’s processes (e.g. fraud awareness, partner network management, people training & motivation).

ABC Fraud methodology enables to mitigate vulnerabilities to fraud attacks and does not require any special SW implementation.

ABC possesses robust knowledge in Fraud management and covers majority of topics related to anti-fraud processes and management:

  • Fraud typology: understand the problems you are facing, cluster fraud cases and estimate losses estimation for each fraud type

  • Prevention: prevent fraud from happening – do not let fraudsters to attack your business (in Sales and UW)

  • Detection: act quickly in case of random/organized fraud attack and minimize possible loses

  • Investigation: investigate every fraud case into detail to better understand what happened and to prosecute the fraudsters

  • Strategy and Tools: people training and motivation, fraud awareness and partner managementABC is managing Application Fraud since the very beginning. More than 45 anti-fraud projects have been delivered to the banks all over the globe.


ABC standard project outcomes:

  1. Due Diligence of existing application fraud process and its upgrade
  2. New anti-fraud methods development
  3. Implementation and Roll-Out including:
    • Updated process with incorporated anti-fraud tools
    • Online fraud management
    • Fraud scoring
    • Fraud data-mart
    • Reports to check performance of the model
    • Trainings and handover to local team


For more on our Application Fraud competencies and on how we can help you please contact:

Miroslav Kolar,

our Subject Matter Expert and Partner for all matters related to Risk Management.