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Life may begin in ABC but it does not definitely ends here. ABC is a gateway, a vessel if you want, to grow and cultivate bright minds and bring the best in them to surface.  Then, when the time comes, our colleagues are usually ready to take responsibility as a leaders in existing companies or move on to launch innovative new ventures.

CEO at Homecredit China, Partner at EMMA Capital

Ondrej Frydrych

Assistant Vice President at State Street

Petra Sobanova

Deputy CEO at Homecredit group, Partner at EMMA Capital

Tomas Kocka

Lead Data Scientist at PwC

Marek Nekvasil

Group Xsell Risk Manager at Home Credit International

Marek Matas

Vice President of Operations at Eldorado LLC

Pavel Novak

Head of Collections & Strategy at Home Credit Vietnam

Duda Matej

Owner and CEO at Středisko pro úspory energie s.r.o.

Tomas Novak

Online Underwriting Manager at Home Credit China

Lukas Kulhavy

Founder and CEO of Green Leaf –Business Solutions and Consulting

Gentjan Zotaj