What We Do:Financial Services

Adastra Business Consulting is a leading consultancy company specializing in Risk Management, Sales and Marketing by improving processes, and both risk and sales performance.

Our expertise covers all aspects of selecting potential clients and defining the appropriate conditions, setting the optimal product parameters and preventing fraud at the loan origination phase for both proactive and reactive acquisition of accounts.


Fraud management

Identifying and preventing fraudulent cases of clients borrowing money with no intention of repaying. Solid strategies whose key pillars are based on the latest fraud cases while detecting and investigating potential new ones. We define strategies to prevent fraud before it ever happens.



Covers the whole approval process of credit products. Consists of setting up KO criteria, black lists, score cards, verification processes, collateral assessment processes, decision making, credit capacity and reporting. All aspects considered with respect to a system support dedicated to the universal stages of the process.



A process which begins when the underwriting process does not work perfectly, and unpaid debts must be repaid. There are several key points in each of the collections stages: Early collections need proper capacity planning, system support and good segmentation tools; Individual case monitoring and a wide range of potential tools/methods are essential in late collections. Managerial, as well as operational, reporting is essential for efficient process management.


Sales and Marketing

Here we focused both on supporting the process of acquiring new customers and managing the value of current customer. Customer Value Management covers targeting existing customers and deals with x-sell offers, upsell offers, retention incentives and information and care messages with the aim of maximizing the profit. All direct marketing activities require a functioning Campaign Management process. This includes the setup of responsibilities in an organizational structure, KPIs of sales channels along with incentive schemes, reporting and data structure.


Stress testing

"Measures the portfolio quality in terms of unexpected loss estimation and, therefore, compliance to capital requirements.
These pillars drive profitability, allowing executives to balance approval rates, collections and product pricing. The better your collections work, the more aggressive you can be on the underwriting side without sacrificing profit. This balance must correspond with positioning and the bank’s risk appetite, but understanding the balance facilitates realistic business decisions and evaluating their consequences."

Improving the performance of individual units of the organization and balancing sales and risk management as it aligns with your business model needs is our goal.

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ABC employs its own unique methodologies and best practice methods such as Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma in connection with Activity Based Costing and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA). This is further enhanced by benchmarks developed and proved across dozens of engagements.

ABC has successfully delivered services in various countries around the world.

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