Michal StřechaConsultant

What I like the most about my work in ABC is the focus on continuous improvement of knowledge and broadening horizons. The wide range of the projects offers a great chance to realize one's full potential.


I got the chance to get to know people of different backgrounds and fields of expertise. This enables my professional and personal development.


On projects, one must analyze huge amount of data, and carry out a chain of meetings and workshops. Sometimes all within one (usual) working day. Nonetheless, at the end of the project, change is clearly visible through  tangible and utilizable changes we have introduced. The feeling when you manage to improve client’s results, or just make clients think about things in a ways they would never have imagined, is extremely rewarding for me.


What you may not know about me

I used to dance classic dances and salsa. However, my favorite dance is Argentine Tango. The music, the dance and the great atmosphere on milonga are incredible. Always when I am assigned to a new location, I search if some milonga takes place nearby.


My second passions is cooking and eating.  When I finish searching for milonga, I always try to find a restaurant “by the locals / for the locals” where I can safely taste all peculiarities of local dining habits and cuisine.