Michal BodnarConsultant

I joined ABC in order to fully utilize three key points of my character: strong communication skills, data-savvy, technical mindset as well as the passion for travelling. Being an international business consultant allows me to utilize all three of them to the fullest.

For me, working at ABC can be compared to the job of a handyman - you come into a new environment, ask around, find out where the problem is and finally provide the solution which will fix it. And that’s what I love about it – doing a work, that is meaningful for all present parties, a work, that never makes you bored.

At ABC I found a combination of three different factors: family-like atmosphere, professionalism and diversity. Because of a different background of each of us, our daily conversations are always enriched by the topics varying from technology, through banking up to sport, culture or history, making us learning new things as we go.

In my life, I am fully trying to follow these two quotes:

"Whatever you do, keep it organized.”, as well as “Be humble, behave nicely and do not judge anyone without the word being spoken."

You might not know about me.

I do not like staying at one place for a long time - probably because of that, I have been actively living in four different countries. I spent three years of my life living in China and today I can proudly say I am a proficient speaker of one of the most spoken languages in the world.