Pavel HaitSenior Consultant

Undertaking good quantitative schooling including fully fledged master in Economics at the University of Cambridge, I got used to the huge inflow of tough quantitative riddles coming every day that have to be solved effectively and soon. This is exactly what ABC environment provides. Many of our projects are on the verge between IT and business side, so common tasks include understanding nontrivial technical structures, identifying gaps there and their conversion into business improvements. It is very satisfying to see how your implemented solution helps the client.

We work directly on the client premises and the geographic reach of projects is really worldwide, spanning from Mainland China to Americas, so another learning dimension is the exposure to very different cultures. The work is very time-demanding even in comparison to consulting standards, but the learning curve is even steeper. The background of my colleagues is as various as our projects are, so there is always handful of informal topics to discuss once you board on plane to Asia or have a beer after tough day in the office.