Tomáš WolfAssociate Partner

Although of a technical background, I became a big fan of statistics, economics, and processes in general. I enjoy learning and testing the learned lessons in practice.

The biggest challenge so far was to build a collateral-selling channel for a major bank. The situation consisted of a staff of collectors with no sales experience and with no sales presence in any of the country’s regions, little infrastructure or clear process definitions and control.

I helped to improve Risk Costs by several millions of EUR in countries hit by devaluation and the mortgage bubble through customized collection processes and introduction of credit counseling. Furthermore, I streamlined the servicing processes for SME clients at a major international bank saving half a million USD a year.

Maybe you didn’t know:
 Along with personal finance, which is one of my passions since my studies in the US, I enjoy running medium tracks, practice cold water swimming, and read (now listen) to popular science books.