Tomáš WolfAssociate Partner

Although I come from a technical background, I became a big fan of statistics and economics. I enjoy applying my knowledge, experience and natural curiosity in joint teams and turning them into sustainable solutions which not only make or save more money, but are sustainable and fully adapted by the joint team. My latest project is Lean Six Sigma, where I can apply my project management experience with my enthusiasm for statistics.

The biggest challenge so far was to build a collateral-selling channel for a major bank. The situation consisted of a staff of collectors with no sales experience and with no sales presence in any of the country’s regions, little infrastructure or clear process definitions and control.

I helped to improve Risk Costs by several millions of EUR in countries hit by devaluation and the mortgage bubble through customized collection processes and introduction of credit counseling. Furthermore, I streamlined servicing processes for SME clients at a major international bank saving half a million USD a year.

Maybe you didn’t know:
 Along with personal finance, which is one of my passions since my studies in the US, I enjoy running medium and long tracks. Recently, I started collecting out-of-circulation bank notes.